Turnkey Project Services

Lighting and Advanced

Lighting Controls

INF offers custom turnkey projects including complete design, installation, and recycling of old materials. Our process includes a top-quality, detailed lighting audit, and then we incorporate state of the art lighting controls and design to your specifications. Our expert team will manage all stages of the incentive process. We monitor code changes and are extremely focused on upcoming changes such as Local Laws 87, 88, and 97 in New York City. We specialize in Commercial, Residential, Healthcare, and Facilities, and have experience in many other types of properties. Comments from team for future additions throughout the website development. If we’re looking to expand on that, we could speak on:

The types of facilities we specialize in:

  • Commercial, Residential, and Healthcare Facilities
  • Incorporating state of the art lighting controls and top quality lighting audits
  • Upcoming codes that our company is focused on combating in the NYC area (87/88/97).
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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

INF will formulate an appropriate, brand-neutral EV charging solutions for our clients, while managing corresponding incentive programs.

INF Associates has successfully completed projects for several prominent developers and building owners in New York State. Our combined project team has experience designing and installing EVSE in most industry verticals including commercial, industrial, multi-family, municipal, universities, schools, and healthcare facilities.

INF is qualified for over 30 utility programs nationwide, and we bring the insights from our work in each to our implementation of all grant and incentive programs. This expertise complements our project services, by helping owners overcome budgeting obstacles.

Since the conception of our EVSE division, fast-growing EVSE market. We focus on developing key processes and properly training staff, to provide the highest quality EVSE project services for our clients.

Mechanical Systems

Similarly to our turnkey lighting services, INF’s engineering and project management team are experts in evaluating existing mechanical system and their operation, and putting together plans for upgrade and improvement, supported by accurate cost estimates considering all life cycle costs as well as available incentives.

We have experience in a range of mechanical measures from simple VFD or EC motor installs, to complete central heating or chilled water plant upgrades.