INF Associates

INF Associates is a turnkey energy solutions firm – we perform complete design, equipment supply, and installation of projects including electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, LED lighting upgrades, and mechanical system retrofits.

We are well-versed in state funding programs to help reduce the net cost of capital (energy) projects to owners and property managers, while also reducing carbon emissions.

We design appropriate, brand-neutral engineered solutions for our clients, and provide complete management of the available utilities incentives often drastically reducing the cost of the project to the owner.

Ultimately, our goal with any project effort we undertake it to focus on customer service and quality of work.

Health & Safety

INF Associates maintains safety of its employees and anyone involved in our projects as a guiding principle and has established goals including:

  • Always make safety of any operation top priority
  • Immediately report and/or correct any unsafe situations that are observed
  • That it is every employee’s responsibility to implement safety policies


INF is committed to supporting our clients’ sustainability goals.

The on-going operations of our business lines have been designed with sustainability in mind, and we believe that the way in which we conduct our energy efficiency work, electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) solutions, and maintenance work are crucial elements of a future sustainable society.

INF commits to the following principles:

  • Minimize pollution by taking steps to limit carbon emissions resulting from vehicle and air travel.
  • Ensure all employees are actively engaged and encouraged to pursue sustainable practices
  • Comply with mandatory requirements and conduct our activities and operate our facilities within applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • Conserve energy, water, and other natural resources